sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2016

To be and not to be (versión al inglés de "Ser y no ser")

To be and not to be

To love (one another) is the dream

that clings to the soul,

an unconditional madness,

a future’s word.

To break out

is to reinvent oneself in a cell

and break free to the silence.

Your light blinds me,

your shadow ignites me.

I walk accompanied,

by you,

treading on loneliness.

I climb the elusive wall

of emotion:

each sigh,

each step,

exhales your story.

Cold within,

I put out the flame of memory

with the tears of your renounce.

My parched lips, dehydrated,

agonize like evaporating water

in the dryness of your desert.

The butterflies in my belly

run through into your emptiness…

they leave flying over

the pools of your oblivion.

I lock myself up in a jail,

of a profound love,

a numb space

that brings me back

your presence.

My soul mends,

you capture me again

tangling me up with your life.

You come back to me, love!

Finally you set me free… 

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