lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

Amidst the silence (En el silencio versión inglesa)

Amidst the silence

There are few things so deafening as silence 

Mario Benedetti

I don’t know

if it’s wisdom,

silent verb

or apparent calm.

I don’t know

if it’s eagerness to search

or efficient flight.

I don’t know

If it’s a divine offering

–eternal and motionless–,

an impassable place

or an intangible certainty.

Sometimes I think that silence

is a necessary answer.

This is how I fall silent:

the soul flows

and abandons itself to the docile air

and to the ocean’s zeal,

to its indescribable presence

and to the accurate movement

of its swaying.

Sometimes silence speaks to me

with its loudspeaker –the wind–

and its mouth –the tide–

kisses me on the shore

and my life bathes in its waters

that clarify my reasons…

I’m like a faithful dog that swims in his dream,

I concentrate on the blue truth of the sea.

Perhaps to allow oneself to breathe,

to abandon oneself to its constant sway

of surrender and possession

might be the answer.

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